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Why Lineisp is the Service Provider for your needs.

* No Time Limits
* No Subscription
* No Joining Fee
* No Peak Rates
* 25 MB Home page
* Unlimited E-mail Addresses
* FAST Webmail
* Instant Access

free internet access


The dial-up 0844 internet backup when your
broadband goes down and you NEED to get
back online now.

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Most of the links above are already working HOWEVER
while we are switching to a new provider, the main
purpose of the site is not functional. Just bookmark
us and please revisit in about 7 days time.

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 Free UK Internet Access - Modem & ISDN
(UK Residents Only, sorry no overseas service)

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Over 10 reasons why you're better off with us

* * Available Now - No more waiting for "coming soon offers"  * *
Enjoy a proper FULL Newsgroup feed at last
We give you support by E-mail free
25MB Web Space - Publish your web site for free
Even ISDN/highway access is free
No Banners slowing things down or spoiling your own pages
Unlimited E-mail - one for each member of the family?
Get POP3 E-mail & Webmail - MUCH faster than Hotmail
Free e-mail auto-responder service
Brilliant Sports Pages
Auto OR Manual Configuration makes things simple
Free child protection options
Glossary & FAQ pages aimed at beginners
Full Business use welcomed - including free business hosting

Want to open a spam account? Best read this first.

To check your Lineisp Webmail  Click Here

Isn't it time you had more and saved more?

free internet access
Doing it right by listening to people.
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